Monday, February 12, 2018

Norton Security's "Coming Soon"

I recently had the Norton Security installation on a laptop start acting strangely. When I explicitly opened it, the Norton Security window showed only "Coming Soon" where it normally would have had more and different information. An example of this "Coming Soon" page is available online in the Community forum.

This "Coming Soon" notice apparently occurs frequently for users of Norton Security because there are numerous forum entries on this and Norton Support has a message titled "Coming Soon" that outlines dealing with this. The referenced Norton Support message provides detailed instructions for addressing this "Coming Soon" message. The first recommended step is to "Run LiveUpdate" and restart the computer when the update has completed.

If running LiveUpdate and restarting the computer does not fix the problem, the next recommended step is to "Download and run the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool" (which is available at This step removes the current (old) version of Norton Security and re-installs a new version of Norton Security.

I, in effect, skipped to the last step because I thought I might have a virus or malware causing issues (they often attack the antivirus and security applications first). I approached this first by turning off access to the Internet from that laptop. I then downloaded the Microsoft Emergency Response Tool (msert.exe) on a different computer and ran it against the laptop. The "Quick Scan" found no issues, so I ran the really, really long "Full Scan" and it did not find any issues either. I then removed Norton Security from my computer manually and downloaded and reinstalled Norton Security and now it seems to work correctly. I probably could have saved considerable time and hassle to simply following the steps for dealing with Norton Security's "Coming Soon" that I later found online.

I never actually needed to call the Norton Customer Service line, but I did note that there are some seemingly fraudulent numbers listed on the web for Norton Customer Service. It's likely that calling one of those fake numbers would lead to scam similar to the Facebook customer service number scam I wrote about earlier. There is a Norton Customer Support number, but one should always get that number directly from the web site rather than via web search. As of this writing, "I see the message 'Coming Soon'" is listed as one of the "top solutions" that "other customers are asking." It is also one of the "Hot Issues and Fixes for Norton"

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