Thursday, December 31, 2009

Slick Deals

A colleague brought Slick Deals to my attention. This site, located at, is not fancy, but it accomplishes its objective of collecting great online deals in one place admirably. One way to use this site is to check it periodically for the best deals, but you can also sign up for SlickDeal Alerts.

I also like the principles behind the sites' stated SlickDeals Commitment:
• The deals are rated and vetted by users
• They research the deal and the price (including use of Pricegrabber and Google Products)
• Only the best, hand-picked deals will be posted (including filtering out of products with only niche interest, controversial products, deals requiring significant effort, and non-guaranteed deals [YMMV])
• Only reputable merchants are listed (on the front page) and focus is on online stores though some B&M stores' deals do get listed when the deal is great and the brick-and-mortar store is conveniently located for a wide part of the audience
• Advertisements and paid placements are never sold, marketed, or advertised as deals (ads do exist on the site, but are not marketed as deals)

There are advertisements on (that's what keeps the service free for the rest of us), but according to this commitment, advertisement dollars do not get a product or deal put on the front page. The front page is reserved for the best deals as determined by users. I have just started using this site, but my colleague has used it numerous times with numerous different vendors and has been happy with each purchase. I am a frequent customer, but my colleague who has used has often known about deals before me or even about some deals of which I was not aware.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Non-Technical Blog

This is my new blog for observations and recommendations that are not software related (my software-related observations are contained in my more established Dustin's Software Cogitations and Speculations blog). I plan to use this blog to post observations and recommendations related to travel experiences and other non-technical that I think might be useful to others.

I tried to acquire as a blog URL, but it was already taken (albeit with its latest of two posts being dated 5 February 2001). I then tried to acquire as a URL for this new blog, but it was also already taken (albeit with its latest of two posts being dated 5 December 2000).

I have decided to write this separate blog called "Dustin's Observations and Recommendations" because I don't generally like it when technical authors mix technical blog posts with personal posts. I am thus trying to keep these two types of blogs separate by maintaining this blog on non-software/non-technical issues.