Saturday, November 16, 2013

UltraViolet and Roku

For the past couple of years, I have been adding movie titles to my DECE UltraViolet Digital Collection via the UltraViolet "digital copy" included with many Blu-ray/DVD combo packs that I have purchased. During that same time period, my usage of Roku has increased significantly to stream various content from sources such as NetFlix and Amazon Prime to my television. In this post, I look at two of the currently available options for streaming UltraViolet titles to devices via Roku.


VUDU has a Roku channel through which movies can be streamed via the Roku device. This can include movies purchased or rented via VUDU, but also includes moves in one's UltraViolet account because an UltraViolet account can be linked to a VUDU account.

Instructions for setting up the VUDU channel on Roku are available at the VUDU site. One can also pay a small fee per disc ($2 as of this writing) to have owned DVDs/Blu-rays available via VUDU streaming. At the time of this writing, people signing up for VUDU can also add five free HDX movie titles (from a small set of movies) to their VUDU collection.

Target Ticket

Another option for streaming movies in one's UltraViolet collection through Roku is Target Ticket. The Redeem UltraViolet: Target Ticket page describes redeeming UltraViolet movie offers often included with new DVD/Blu-ray purchases via Target Ticket. Roku features a Target Ticket channel, making it easy to stream UltraViolet movies via the Roku using that Target Ticket channel.

As of this writing, newly opened Target Ticket accounts come with a promotion of "10 free UltraViolet titles" (standard definition) that can be selected from a small set of available titles.


For those with UltraViolet accounts and with Roku devices, both VUDU and Target Ticket provide easy-to-use Roku channels for streaming movies in UltraViolets accounts to televisions via Roku.

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