Monday, September 5, 2011


Lauer-Krauts is a small restaurant in Brighton, Colorado, specializing in German-Russian cuisine. It has been featured on The Food Network episode From Kraut to Couscous with Guy Fieri (as can be seen here). The kraut burger is every bit as tasty as it looks in the video footage and in these photographs. I'm not the biggest fan of kraut in general, but the mild kraut combined with the numerous other tasty ingredients and the fresh-basked bread make the Lauer Kraut burger particularly tasty.

The krautburger is defined on the web site as "a German Russian pastry pocket filled with hamburger, cabbage, onion and Lauer-Kraut." There are other items on the menu, but it's difficult for me imagine not having a krautburger when visiting Lauer-Krauts.

The inside of the restaurant is very small (three tables) and many people eat outside or take the food with them. They are open for breakfast and lunch Tuesday through Saturday and closed on some holidays. If you're not in the Denver metropolitan area, you might try making your own krautburger, but for people in the Denver area, it might be easier to simply visit Lauer-Krauts and enjoy the benefits of their hard work.

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